1. Prints only... no frames or matts. Photo prints cannot exceed 11x14" (any size smaller is permitted). Don't think you're going to sway the vote by showing up with a huge wall-sized photo. It ain't gonna work!

2. Your name must not appear on the photo. We want people to vote for the photo, not the photographer.

3. A registration fee of $10.00 per photo will be charged. There's no limit to the amount of photos you can enter.

4. Although you may enter multiple photos, you can only win one prize package. If you happen to win 1st and 3rd, the 4th place entry will get 3rd. This is a community building competition so share the wealth.

5. Must be a single photo. Triptychs, collages and the like will not be admissible. You can enter multiple photos that happen to be a series but they will be voted on separately and you will be charged $10.00 for each photo.

6. The competition is open to any photo subject but the organizer reserves the right to refuse entries based on offensive content.

7. You can't be an arrogant jerk and vote for yourself. Every person who votes gets a ticket to drop into the "Battle BOX". Unlike the public, all battle participants will have their name on their ticket so if you vote for yourself, you'll be disqualified.

8. Registration is from 4-6pm on the day of the event.

9. This is a community driven event so you must be able to attend. Meeting your fellow photographers is largely the point.

10. RESPECT your fellow photographers!